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  1. Evinrude 55hp 3 cylinder ignition system upgrade

    Hi there, I have recently bought a complete Evinrude 55hp 3 cylinder for parts, but after dismantling the assembly I was pleasantly surprised to find that the engine is in better condition than the...
  2. Trim adjustment causing engine to stumble at idle?

    Hey guys I have been chasing an issue of intermittent idle issues on my 96 model evinrude 40hp 2 stroke.
    I have been through 2 sets of carbies, (it's now running the big bore 60hp units) and...
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    The hull has a small keel type join down the...

    The hull has a small keel type join down the center, about 3/4'' raised from the boat.
    I don't think I could raise the motor any more as it begins to cavitate and "spin" the prop under power once I...
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    Newbie from Aussie land!

    Hi Guys,
    I'm new to here, and finally joined up so I could write some posts to get even more info than I have already found in others posts.
    I don't have a top dollar, super high speed racing boat,...
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