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Thread: All SST120 and SST200 drivers

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    It winds up being a very close race at the end of 30 laps. The best 120 and the best opti were within tenths of a second in the heats where there were no issues with either. The 120 had the advantage according to my stop watch.
    It was a long course 37-40 seconds.

    In the final everyone had troubles. the 120 leading had a piston go away and the opti went into guardian and had a steering failure.

    All in all I see no reason for any 120 guy to panic if they are on top of their game.

    For Right Now we should leave well enough alone.

    When the opti guys start to figure their stuff out then I think they should run with the 120's as 200's and be scored separately.

    Bay City will be the next big test.
    Kris Shepard
    SST 120 #46

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    Thanks for the info Kris Shepard.
    Lars Strom

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    I guarantee that if the opti won you wouldn't have had to ask, this board would have lit up like the Griswold's Christmas tree.

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