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Thread: Guido Cappellini Retires

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    Default Guido Cappellini Retires

    Guido Cappellini He retired from Formula 1 POWERBOAT

    Milan, 04.08.2010 - Press release from Zepter Team Guido Cappellini:

    Guido Cappellini after 25 years of activity, including 23 in Formula One, has decided to end his career in racing Inshore.
    A decision evaluated during the long winter break and take in the full knowledge that he had achieved all its objectives in this discipline.
    The victory of the 10th Inshore F1 world title in the historic December 11 in Sharjah in the UAE, was the culmination of a career studded with many successes and record.
    After winning the ninth title in 2005 was the "target" at the end of the pilot Como; succeed where no one ever came and where maybe no one will come. 2006 and 2007 seasons were unlucky with the "tenth star" out of hand in both leagues last race when everything seemed to run better. The year 2008 saw Caps close to 10th place in World Championship standings especially technical problems suffered during the entire season, and many took for the "finite or unmotivated" and instead in 2009 there was the final rescue.
    The great determination and motivation of the pilot Como and his outstanding team, allowed him to hit the big goal of a career, the dream of every pilot to enter and remain within the law in the history of the sport, having written pages and indelible numbers and perhaps unparalleled.
    Ten titles in 23 years is to be always on top of discipline and having fought and won with several generations of opponents and especially to always be a winner even parallel with technological development of the discipline.
    Guido Cappellini has a lot to this even from the standpoint of developing technological DAC boats that have proved most successful in the history of the sport. Security has always been his ball and he must many of the developments in recent seasons have helped make the fast catamarans F1 Inshore safer and more reliable.
    The numbers of the sample are creepy Como: in 171 Grands Prix won by less than 62 times, 70 times starting from pole position and finishing well on the podium 104 times. First world title in 1993 and last in 2009 after 16 years. Last speed record set in 2005 on Lake Iseo with the incredible speed of 256.25 km \ h (all data on the site
    "Formula 1 has been my life and now it is time to change. I achieved all my goals in this sport and would not make sense to continue in a sport that requires utmost determination, encouragement and commitment.
    I thank all those who have been close in recent years: those who believed in me and supported me, all the fans and enthusiasts who have always encouraged me to do my best in every race, my family and my team . A team of exceptional men through whose work, cohesion and commitment, all this has come true.
    As far as I'm concerned, 2010 will be a transition year, I'm sure the desire to run and be a protagonist. The experience in Brazil in Class 1, immediately to the podium was fantastic and I'm watching with great interest to offshore competition. "

    For more information
    ZEPTER TEAM Press Office
    Tel +39 335 5745139 +39 335 6183864
    Fax +39 335 5116901 +39 031 764328

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    He sure could hang it out on the edge!

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    check out the blow over in the intro video on his site !!!!!!

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    Default Cappellini

    What a driver! He is a superstar and will be missed. We thrilled to see his expertise on the course and his mild manner as a person. Maybe his beautiful home town on Lake Como had something to do with this. Besides its luster it has been prominent in the evolution of tunnel hulls and Form 1 in particular.

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    That famous "blowover" is a "slapover" cause he did not see that big roller that he slapped!
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    Default Guido Cappellini Retires

    25 years??? Seems like yesterday he started.

    Thanks for the memories, Guido. I never met the man, but he's the "KING" in my eyes...

    I feel OFFSHORE will be seeing him SOON!

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