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Thread: New registrations

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    Default New registrations

    We are getting bombarded with spammers and trolls trying to sign up.

    To keep our forum useful and informative, we are going to have to crack down on new sign-ups that do not follow instructions regarding filling in the member's name field.

    In the past I have individually emailed each incorrectly filled out new sign-up begging for the person's real name to confirm they really are interested in boat racing and helped every legitimate member get going.

    Until and unless the current load of spammers slows down ... fill out the required fields or be deleted; we don't have time to fool around with people who do not want to cooperate from the beginning. Typing in "Your name goes here" or something cutesy will just get you deleted ... instantly.

    This does not mean that if you are uncomfortable with your name being in the machine readable database that you are excluded from signing up on BRF. If you want to mask your identity from machines, BRF will accommodate you ... for a fee (because this takes considerably more time and effort to process). You must still reveal your identity to other BRF members via an image in your avatar or signature (this is what you would be paying for).

    If you do not correctly fill in the members name field, I must assume you did not read this and are a spammer or intend not to obey normal rules of civility.
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