OPC race at an extremely nice park (old navy pier) on the Sabine River, organized by the Schuberts' organization!

1,2. SST 45 lift-off
3.EP Class reunion. Joe McCauley, Carlton Callahan, and John Calley (John's shown in a picture in my next Orange post). John, Carlton, and Joe all won national championships etc driving Allison V-bottoms in the good old days of OPC racing. Carlton's selling and servicing Evinrudes in Lufkin.
4. SST 120
5. Tri hulls
6. Roddy Foreman (SST 60) and Bob Schubert (all around nice guy, Evinrude dealer, and organizer)
7. SSt 45
8. Darrel Beaulier (Starter), orange shirt
9,10. SSt 120 start