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Thread: Drake Family: Stan, John, Dale

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    Default Drake Family: Stan, John, Dale

    My childhood memories of the Drake Family blends together the the Meyer Family. Dale Drake and Louis Meyer were partners in the Meyer-Drake Offenhauser business. At one time the OFFy had won more Indy 500's than any other engine. Louis Meyer was a three time winner of the "500".

    When I was a kid my brother and John Drake raced against each other and were the best of friends.

    I remember my dad telling me that Dale used to run John's Outboard "A" on the OFFY DYNO and Castor Oil from the outboard's fuel would get in the mufflers. Then when Louie would run the Offies on the dyno, the castor oil would catch fire and damn near burn the building down.

    When I get time, I'll write more about the Drake Family, but I came across this picture of Stan Drake, and I got to laughing like a crazy man. Stan has raced inboards forever, this picture is from a promotional picture for the Elsinore 500, 1968. On the back is says, "Stanley Drake Co-driver and sponsor. Stan is living in Lake Havasu City, Arizona and doing well, I've been told.

    BUT, Ineed to tell a second fire story: Stan was working on his GN in his garage and he caught the boat on fire. While trying to put the boat fire out, he caught the garage on fire. While trying to put the garage fire out, he caught the house on fire. It really isn't a very funny story, but I laugh like a crazy man everytime I think about it...
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