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Thread: Do-It-Yourself Outboard Racing Motor

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    well I read through ti all and I want to know what happened with the DIY motor.
    did it get to 40mph /
    did it fail ?
    was it a real fun ride worth doing ?

    you need to do the follow up on this one

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    Default 2011 til 2017 is a Few Years: Ron Hill Here!

    Well, when I started this DIY Motor I had no idea how busy our business would become. We made about 7,000 props last year and 6,000 hunting propellers. We "Private Label" for many COMPANIES. Quite a few of these companies are mud motor companies.

    Two or three things happened at the same time:

    1. We bought out a company and we moved 8 semi truck loads of stuff, to where all my boats had been.
    2. Chad didn't want our customers thinking I was making Mud Motors, even though I had no plans to make mud motors.
    3. We got kicked out of Lake Irvine, 20 minutes from the shop and 5 minutes from the house. Lake is slowed permanently to any public use because of two law suits. So, to place to test a boat.
    4. After Greg Belda GOT KILLED At Puddingstone, in COR, on the warm up lap. My son and I decided that the 5th death in boat racing in five years was enough. So almost three years ago we bought a Pro Buggy. We have raced it 17 times and HAD A GREAT TIME.

    Grandson, Jake, is six and races an RZR 170. There were 56 cars in his class 2-3 weeks ago (April 2017).

    Roger Hulett, who had an hand in Yamaha Wave Runners when he worked for Yamaha for 28 years, is carrying on my plans,but we have decided and inboard would be better.

    I still think of building an outboard with a 37 HP Briggs, talked to Tim Kurcz about it Thursday or Friday.

    It is interesting to me that we go to Off road races, they run 12 class, 17 lap heats, and have 220 plus entries. All the motors are four strokes.

    Boat racing has, I don't know how many classes, and I only know how many boats we have in SoCal which is 25, I'm guessing. But not one class uses a four stroke.

    I basically work about 7 days a week, we have 14 people working for us..........

    I've pretty much decided I can't "Save" boat racing. So, I'll use my energy, going Off Road Racing with my son and grand kids.

    If I was going to build a motr, this is what I'd start with:
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