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Thread: 2012 Depue Reunion

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    Thank you to everyone that made the reunion so FANTASTIC for me!! Even though I was "forced" into retirement after my father's death at Daytona International Speedway at lake Lloyd in 1959, everyone treated me like I had never been gone.
    I would have much preferred to stay in boat racing all those years ago. A lot of you know the reasons why I switched to m/c racing.
    But I came back into the fold in 2009 after retiring from vintage m/c racing and started collecting the boats and motors from my youthful past.
    I never raced at DePue as when I was forced into retirement, DePue was not yet involved in the APBA alky nationals. But, God willing, I'll be there next year racing a DeSilva runabout with a PR installed. The same set up my dad loved to race so much!
    I have the boat, and I'll have the motor soon. I am truly returning to my "roots" and loving every minute of the trip it will take me on to make it happen!

    The reunion was so SPECIAL for me as it gave me a chance to meet a lot of guys I knew in my youth. And also meet guys that came along after my time.

    One of the highlights for me was looking up Ralph DeSilva in the pits and having a chat with him. He remembered having a conversation with me at the NOA world championships in McAlister, Oklahoma back in 1957. What a memory he has!! WoW!! No wonder he still builds a boat from time to time. A VERY special treat for me!
    Thanks Ralph!!!

    I know I've not mentioned all the names of those that I had conversations with. Please forgive me. I'm now 73 and I have "CRAFT" disease from time to time (I won't be a threat
    in C racing runabout next year at DePue cus I'm not likely to get the start timing right

    And a HUGE thanks to John Schubert and the others that made the reunion happen.
    And, WOW, that cake was fantastic in it's detail!

    I've attached a jpg showing me in "training" for next year's race already! hehe! WOW was that ever a BLAST. We ran the rapids used for the Olympics back in 1996. What a "Trip"!!

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    Default Vintage Displays

    For those of you that missed the reunion here are a few pictures of the vintage displays . We even got to hear one of the Deflectors of Austins' fire up. Very cool!!!!
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    Been down a couple of weeks & thought I better post a few photos.
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