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Thread: Hutchin's Family: Bill, Sr. Bill Jr. and Jeff

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    Default Hutchin's Family: Bill, Sr. Bill Jr. and Jeff

    I must be honest, I really didn't know the Hutchins very well.

    "OLD MAN" Hutch was a Captain for Pan Am and it seemed he was at a lot of BIG races. He had his boys running Stocks and Alky. He alwasy talked to me as if we had been friends for years.

    At the 1964 Nationals, when I used my D Hydro propeller on my C Runabout to break the kilo record, Hutch, Sr. was the first to congratulate me, saying, "We've run hydro wheels for years on hydros, just wasn't sure it would work on a runabout."

    Over the years"Hutchins" and CHAMPIONSHIPS were two words that went together.

    Seems 1964 to 1976 blur together. But I remember Bill Sr. telling me at Hinton, West Virginia 1976, to watch their 20-H as the new rules allowed a Mark 25 case and Bill Sr. had a running motor. But, I don't recall how "B" Hydro went, except to say that Vern Kargus won B Hydro with a three blade prop. Only three blade at the Nationals.

    There was this boat racer, new to California racing, named Bob Weikart. He was a Captain for Continental Airlines and he raced B and C Runabout. I was talking to Bob and he told me he was from Pennsylvania and he'd been an air craft controller. Bob had met Bill,Sr., at a race in PA and Bill, Sr.offered to teach Bob to fly.

    Bob became a Captain because Bill Hutchins took the time to teach Bob Weikart how to fly.

    I lost track of the Hutchins after the 1976 Nationals, but I've never forgotten what gentle people they were! True CHAMPIONS ALL!
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    OK from memory....the Hutchins family had a summer home in PA which provided them the opportunity to race in the northeast during the summer months. I dont ever remember the brothers making it to New England but I know that they did race NJ and PA. They were based out of FL in the Miami area I believe.

    I believe that both Bill Jr and Jeff ran ASH, ASR, BSH, BSR and more. Although I saw and raced Jeff more than Billy they were both equally gifted drivers. Bill Sr somehow magically provided Jeff with the fastest A engines which drove my Uncle Nick crazy trying to figure out just what they were doing to get the speed out of them. Then again, Jeff was such a great driver that he most likely could have won with any decent rig.

    One of my greatest Hutch memories is from a S.O. Divisional race in Millville NJ in the early '70's? (I apologize if this has been told before somewhere else on the forum but here's my recollection):

    Merc had introduced the 25SS engine and most of the B drivers also clamped 25's onto their B boats. We were running 25SSH and R at the time and Billy Hutchins showed up at that race. I dont recall if it was an elimination heat or finals but there I was in a heat with Billy, Clark Maloof and most of the Jersey BU/BSR "rock stars" (I think Billy Simmons, Tom Nuccio, Ray Hammond etc....). Start #1 and I find myself in the middle of the pack surrounded by those guys and side by side with Billy Hutch. There was nothing but banging and smashing going on all the way into and through turn 1 and up the back stretch only to be black flagged. There wasn't any carnage so we all quizically returned to the pits, only to be told to report to the start/judges stand which I believe was on a raft out on the course. The Ref "wanted to talk to us". Well.......George "Pappy" Stillwell was the ref and as we all sat there floating around the judges stand he lashed out to us about the rough driving as we all smirked and said "yes sir" wont happen again etc. We started our engines, milled about before the start and we all made the same race to turn 1 with predictable identical banging/racing. Somehow I remember actually getting inside of Clark in turn 1 which didn't make him happy at all.... but I also remember that Billy Hutch and I were running very close to each other once again. Candidly I thought that he would have whooped me by then so I was proud to be out there side by side with one of the best! Well up the back stretch and what.....ANOTHER black flag. Yup, same thing but now Stillwell was PISSED! He was screaming at us and would have "no more" of that behavior......If nothing else I know we drivers were quite amused by having raised Pappy's blood pressure a few points

    I don't recall the third start or the results of the race but it sure was fun to be out there and in the mix with the "BU Guys" from NJ and Billy Hutch. They were legends to me back then!!

    Of course, I'm not too sure how accurately I have described the race but that's how I remember it happening. Maybe someone else here has more details or a clearer recollection?

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    I found what I've been looking for. I never met Mr. Hutchins or Billy, but I know they were at Lakeland at the same time I raced there. I read this article awhile back about Billy which appeared in the May 1964 issue of "THE WORLD OF BOAT RACING". and wanted to make sure it was posted here.
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