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Thread: Entry level class info!!!

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    Default Entry level class info!!!

    A while back I wuz follow'in a thread about what wuz the ultimate entry level class...Seemed theres been many tries, and sum actuall great classes that never got off the ground for sum reasons...I personally thought that ODBA's PRO-120 class wuz a perfekt beginners class...a workers class, without the spending ov mega bucks...It never got off the ground for sum reason...

    Now, I have found a class that to me iz the ultimate beginners/entry level class...(it's a drag race'in class, kuz that what I do)...DSRA haz brought back the old Super Stock class from dayz past, and it haz grown by leeps and bounds over the last 2 yeers...It haz over doubled, averge'in 20+ boats at any given event!!!....This class includes sum high dollar rigs(if U want to spend the money), and sum low dollar, junk yard stuff, such az my own boat/motor combo...The compitition is the stiffest in the DSRA, as at any given time, any bote/motor combo can bring home the money!!!...2.4's, 2.5's, OMC's, Yamaha'z, and even my ole CHIZLER, are all within a boat ov each other at the finish, and thats the entire field ov 20+ boats!!!...When U run 22 boats thru, and 8 ov that is foto finishes, THATS A COMPETITIVE, EVEN CLASS!!!...I set out the majority ov the yeer because of other projects, but threw together a lil chrome Bo mota for the lass 2 races(juss couldn't stand it no mo!!)...Moved sum weight around in my lil bote, and came in 6th out ov 23 boats on saturday, and fell early to a lack ov locktite on sunday(throttle arm fell off ).....I had $92 in that mota!!!...An old 82 Laser that wuz a freebee, and a DAMM GOOD TIME!!..wit sum reely great guyz an galz...It juss don't git no better...if it did, I don't no if'in I could stand it!!

    I know U guyz an galz ain't reely inta tha drag sceene, but I figgered if sumone wuz want'in to start up a lil competitive orginization locally, that They could go to DSRA website ( and check out the rules for the SS class...It's az close to a entry level class az can be, and the cheepest(if U wanna work)...I'm not sell'in nutt'in, Juz thunk this mite help sprout sum new local orginizations, or revive sum older ones that have lost thier appeal!!!.....Juss my Opinion....But what da hell an ole cripple man no'z????????.......OH, datz rite, I no everthang!!!!....Juss ask me ......REX

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    Default Hey Rex

    At least two of us are. Scott and me. What you're talking about is what we need. And I think old Rusrog is hanging in there with us too. And Wayne pops in every once in a while.


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