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Thread: The Dawe Family: Dawe Craft Boats

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    Default Edward W. Hearn Writes About Tammy Dawe: September 2012

    Edward Hearn says, This was the letter I sent the Honors Squadron Committee in September of 2012:

    Dear Honors Squadron Members:

    I write to second the nomination by Ernie Dawe for that of Tamara Dawe for induction into the APBA Honors Squadron. I knew Tammy Dawe for nearly thirty (30) years. But Tammy knew powerboat racing all of her life. She grew up in Southern California attending races, as most of us do, with her family. Tammy grew up watching her father, Ernie, and uncle, Jimmy, compete in the Stock Outboard Classes. I met Tammy in the 1980's when I was just entering the larger classes of boat racing after having graduated from the Junior Classes. Over the next decade, the Hearn family became very close with the Dawe family. Our fathers were extremely active in APBA governance and this service to boat racing spread to both Tammy and myself. Tammy ran for and won election to the APBA Council in the mid 1990's. During that period, Tammy was very active on both the national and local levels. She was instrumental in running the 1996 Stock & Modified Nationals. During this period she also served in an
    official capacity for numerous local races in Region 12. She continued in that capacity. In the late 1990's, Tammy expanded her contributions to APBA by serving as a member of the Stock Outboard Racing Commission. There, Tammy served her Region well as a skillful politician and advocate for the interests of those whom she represented.

    Tammy's contributions to the APBA on both the local and national level were very important to her region and to the sport in general. However, Tammy's contribution to the sport of powerboat racing differ from many others who also have made similar contributions. Tammy became a role model for girls and young women participating in powerboat racing. This was her greatest contribution to the sport. This role was not really one which she chose for herself but one in which she excelled. Tammy had a vocal personality and she was a winner. These two traits gave her the opportunity to make a lasting impact upon girls and other women in boat racing. Because she frequently took a podium position in racing and was a vocal advocate for the causes in which she believed, she was seen by other female competitors as someone who could enter a male-dominated sport, win, and stand up for herself. Many sports figures are vocal and competitive but do not serve as good or proper role models to younger people. In fact, they can have these traits and embarrass their sport. But not Tammy. She was a model sports figure who overcame the adversity of entering a sport dominated by men and overcame several boating injuries to serve as a model for what women who have a desire to compete on the water can do. She was admired by nearly all younger women who entered boat racing as well as her male competitors. Tammy took this role seriously by mentoring other girls and women who took their shot at boat racing. Tammy could frequently be seen at races taking time out of her own preparation to assist other females (and men, too), in their attempts at powerboat competition. Surely her training and experience as a teacher was responsible for this in part as those skills spilled over from her professional life into her life of boat racing. Likewise, as a national representative, Tammy would advocate on behalf of the positions of others which she believed worthy of her assistance. She encouraged others, particularly younger women, to consider powerboat racing and, after having done so, in their attempts at boat racing competition. Tammy was a worthy role model for girls and other women in the sport of powerboating and served a role for the APBA that few others could.

    Many APBA members make contributions to the sport of powerboat racing such as the local and national contributions made by Tammy Dawe. But Tammy's contributions to the sport exceed those in her role as a model for girls and other women seeking to compete and advance in powerboat racing. Tammy was a well-spoken politician, a fierce competitor and mentor. Her untimely death not only saddens all of our hearts, but leaves a gaping hole in the American Power Boat Association for a role so important to our sport.

    These were her greatest contributions to powerboat racing and worthy, indeed, of induction into the APBA Honors Squadron.

    As a member of the APBA Honors Squadron, I respectfully submit for your consideration my friend, Tamara Dawe, for induction.


    Edward W. Hearn
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