I guess I am starting the search for a DeSilva runabout that needs a lot of tender loving care. Possibly a boat someone was thinking of restoring but doesn't have the time. "Free" comes to mind (haha), but obviously open to any ideas. I have the woodworking/restoration bug right now (as we are working on our D-Sidson hydro) and I have always loved the looks of a DeSilva flatdeck runabout. I'm open to any class/length, but would like to focus on a "B" class or if possible a large "D" or "F". I know they are big in length difference, but the engines I have fit those classes. Any leads would be appreciated. Generally the idea is that I'm looking to take a classic boat that might be destined in the near future for the scrap pile and saving it, restoring it, and running it and having it enjoyed by as many people as possible.

Thanks a lot guys,

cell: 845-598-2609
email: brandon.juby@gmail.com