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Thread: Gran Prix SST-45 Help

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    Greg you don't need them. I as a driver I like to see them but is no longer a rule. They are optonal. If you have the optonal tips then you need the bulkhead & sphical. Im like you this is a hard rule to understand. Look at it this way your tips will not come off so you dont need the rest. This rule is more for the boat that loses there tip then for the boat that is getting T boned. I think, you are thinking of the old rule of deformable tips Hope this helps. Sam L would be the guy to talk to I may be wrong. (Mark You do great work!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by swmjake View Post
    I have an SST-45 Gran Prix that I just purchased and it does not have "Deformable Pickle Fork". Has anyone converted one of these boats - and if so how did you go about it.


    Greg Jacobsen
    Hans is running the 1998 Gran Prix that Chuck Skelton originally owned, it floated around
    in Tx. til we bought it last summer. Darrell Beaulier fixed the forks.
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    I have tip molds for my 1992 Gran Prix that you are welcome to borrow if they will help. They are in Kent, Wa.

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    Default Searching for SST 45 plans for wood construction.

    My name is Blake

    I am searching for any info on SST 45 plans or kits for SST 45's. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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