Apologies for replying to an older thread but this seems like the best place to add my 2 cents.

Looking into building a cracker box for racing and I can relate to these issues. Actually alot of these issues seem to be similar to what auto racing series have been dealing with for quite some time. I like racing that rewards clever racers over spenders. FWIW I do think the rules are pretty good overall but I can see the class struggling to bring in new people due to the current engine rules.

The key to a successful class imo is a set of rules that have controlled aspects and uncontrolled. First type are extremely clear and simple to prove(think tape measure, scale, straight edge, and go/no go gauges). Second portion are un controlled aspects where clever people can innovate. Why make the trim surfaces non adjustable during the race?

Instead of having claim rules where people need to swap engines maybe just require a maximum prop diameter. You can still spend 60k on an engine but if you are making more power than the prop can take you will loose most of the power advantage. If you have a turbo you get a higher weight minimum.

I think it would be really fun to have people racing SBC 2.2 powered boats against turbo 4 cylinder boats or 410 alcohol v8's. Sure the boats might share a similar shape but they will all sound different and have diffrent characteristics and bring in new fans.

I'm curious what people think.