Here is a link to pics of the 73 Baja race boat I just bought.
It has no harware exept what is required for racing. It has no cleats, lights, or pleasure boat items.
It has no carpet and never has, never will. The floor is painted black w/red and blue splatters on it.
It has three "Oh Sht" handles, tilt&trim on the fly, cut-out clips that stop the engine when the driver is discharged from the boat (hope that never happens), a speedo that starts at 50mph, stabilizor Fin, dual cable steering, "Hot-Foot", large steel fuel tank w/sending unit and saftey straps, heavy duty batt hold down, and steel transom plate.
I will not be the first to drill a hole in it.
the hull and transom are super solid. It makes my knucles hurt when I knock on the transom.
My plans are to restore the boat to original condition w/no additives.
It was stored in an air-plane hangar for many years.
The original title shows that the boat was owned by Fred Miller from 73 till a month ago. I was told that he was a Baja exec and met an untimely death. It was then purchaced by a falla at an estate auction a month ago.
The engine is a 73 Mercury 150 as well and was titled at the same time as the boat.
The addresses on the original titles is 529 S.Poplar St. Bucyrus. I think that the addy was the location of Baja before the fire. They were titled directly from Baja and not a dealer.
The fella that bought it at auction stated that there was a box full of tropheis and plaques that sold at auction before the boat did that IMHO should have been included w/the boat as well as a power trim pump and two bladed race prop. Unfortunately I cannot track them down but am trying.
I hope that someone here can feed me some past info (anything) on this vintage relic or at least verify what I already assume. I plan to treat it as a collectable peice of history indeed.
I was told that the boat ran 70mph + back in the day.
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Notice in the background the 76 Sleekcraft daycruiser (being restored this winter), 94 Fantasy F-13 (for sale), and 82 Baja 190 (460 jet boat being restored at present) I own as well.