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Thread: T Class is making changes for 2013..clearer rule class with divisions

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    Thumbs up T Class is making changes for 2013..clearer rule class with divisions

    The growth of these classes is impressive. We have over 45 wet boats and will have 15 or more boats at our smaller races and over 20 boats at the major events. The group decided at our CBF conference this year to make a new class and re-do our rule book. The new class is called V Production Runabout. There will be several divisions in the class. T Boat is one of the divisions. It consists of GT30, T750 and T850. In the future we may add COR. T Boat is very different to any other class. We race some 100% stock, 2 stroke and 4 stroke motors. We allow very make to race. We also have altered stock 2 stroke motors. In altered stock the rules allow alterations most racers do in pure stock. We just removed the grey areas. Example: most top motors are balanced and we allow it. Our weight rules for boat, motor and driver are lighter than other similar classes. T850 is 725 lbs. The old EP APBA class was over 825 lbs. In weighing them we have only found one under weight and it was 721 lbs. So it is difficult to be under weight.

    We will have the revised rules complete and sent to CBF for approval this month. Once they are approved we will post a link on this site for people interested.

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    Default Thanks, Hounddog

    I really like running Divisions but having all the boats on the course at the same time. Please post your various Divisions ASAP...

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