As a little kid, you listen more than you talk. So, when I heard Doc Ingalls had some pitch blocks that had caused a couple of divorces, I was "ALL IN" when my brother asked if I wanted to go to "DOC's" and beat on his prop. I was 8. My brother and Doc fumbled and fooled with the one prop and pitch block almost all day. I thought at the time, "Give me that damn thing. I'll go beat on the trailer hitch ball."

Being 10 years younger than my brother, I think I had slowed my parent's social life down. But one night I was invite to go to Doc's for dinner. Adaline Ingalls was pretty woman. Anyway, the potatoes were a little hard and she was apologizing for them being hard. I told her, "Don't fell bad, I've eat a lot worse one when we cooked potatoes in the vacant lot across the street".