[QUOTE=RaisedByWolves;157169]Boat is currently under construction so pics wouldn't help much.

Its your basic 14' aluminum vee with two pedestal seats and a front deck with trolling motor and battery. I removed the stock bench seats to put in a floor and the pedestals, and both seat positions are forward of where they were stock.

The description I gave of it porpoising was with me in the back and about 150lbs of gear within 2' of the bow.

With the wife in the front (150lbs) it rides fair, but with just me it is a rodeo.

Weight distribution counts for alot. Funny story, a couple pals and I put a 25 on a beat up light duty 12' aluminum boat and went, 3 of us, near 600 pounds lol. The boat Couldn't stop porpoising bad and the bottom was visibly form rippling in time with the porpoising, it would have just ripped apart if we kept running it but up the river a couple miles to a bar and back after a few beers was enough of that lol. I drove it full power all he way, it was a hoot, we didn't care about a swim.