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Thread: The 2013 Highlands Fall Classic Pt. 1

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    Default The 2013 Highlands Fall Classic Pt. 1

    The Highlands race didn’t lack some dramatic moments. Frontrunners fell back and others took the lead by surprise. Two involuntarily but not unhappily were given a bath afterwards: Chris Hughes (SST45) and Phillip Wolfe (Tri-Hull) were tossed into the drink by their competitors. Grant Schubert was a first time winner in J-Hydro, while Tracy Hawkins returned to the winner’s podium in F1Sport after a long dry spell.

    Scary Jerry, one of the main contenders, nearly lost his motor while Philip Wolfe worked himself up from number 5 to the winning position in the Trihull class. Chris Rinker led for a long time before Wolfe took over and Rinker ran second.

    In F1Sport two boats had trouble right after the start. In the final heat Barry McCollough was pushing hard on Tracy’s heels before he barrel-rolled in the last turn. That’s how Mike Schubert, even with motor problems, worked himself up happily into second place. Tracy Hawkins was certainly happy to win again after he had lost a good motor, trim and prop at Port Neches 2012 that he still hasn’t found.

    In J-Hydro John Ottinger also made a good showing as number 2. Since one of the 3 restrictor plates was taken out of the motors about 1 ˝ years ago, the J-Hydros now run much faster.

    Announcer Mike Tilton did again a very good job and talked no nonsense, but the audience was unfortunately not large due to the rainy weekend weather. Sunday’s weather was actually pleasant because it was neither too cold nor too hot and although it looked like rain, it rained little and didn’t lead to any cancellation.

    Baytown Boat Club’s food was again very good. The SPORT Rescue diver had to sprint over the race course when Phillip went over, but he had already gotten out by himself and was unharmed.

    Two out of 4 winners ran props that Joe McCauley had reworked, so Joe was certainly also very happy with the results. Bud Nollman sent his prop ‘Little Joe’ down for Chris Hughes to run. It was nice that a female contender participated again. One can only wish that young Haley Gibbs soon becomes one of the frontrunners.

    Thanks again to John Schubert and S.P.O.R.T. for putting on a fine race.

    Highlands Fall Classic 2013
    Final Results (kindly provided by John Schubert)

    Boat # Driver
    1 13-T Grant Schubert
    2 T-21 John Ottinger
    3 711-T Jason Doherty
    4 T-75 Riley Teague
    5 T-22 Jeremiah Mayo

    Boat # Driver
    1 15 Phillip Wolfe
    2 52 Chris Rinker
    3 97 Kevin Teague
    4 3 Dustin Terry
    5 70 Jude Gaspard
    6 1 Cory Walker
    7 6 Klint Dillard
    8 63 Travis Yates
    9 5 Reuben Stafford
    10 4 Wesley Cheatham

    Formula Lights
    Boat # Driver
    1 17 Chris Hughes
    2 2 Travis Thompson
    3 9 Don Wilson
    4 43 Chris Santeree
    5 22 Michael Schubert
    6 77 Glyn Mathews
    7 14 Haley Gibbs

    Sport Formula 1
    Boat # Driver
    1 2 Tracy Hawkins
    2 8 Michael Schubert
    3 14 Barry McCollough
    4 55 Curtis Nunez
    5 5 Reuben Stafford
    6 3 Dustin Terry
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