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Thread: Claiming Rule

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    Warren your right back yard races use clock starts.Detroit Gold Cup the longest running motor sports trophy.Kid Rocks back yard.


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    all in all the class as a whole needs very little if any modifications prize structure could stand to rise with the rising inflation travel money would surely help real travel moneys in perspective with current fuel prices as a learning driver most of the comments that ive read thus far can be summed up with those whom work hard at it will be successful at it seat time is a valuable asset to any race team being able to control and predict a tunnel boat is a tuff chore only seat time helps that we have a very top notch group of racers whom will always offer up assistance when needed back to the show me the money for the past 2 seasons we have made the entire ptt tour it gets very costly the california boys whom make the trips to our events spend lotsa dollars and cents coming to play with us those whom travel the furthest should be compensated the biggest i know from southeast Texas to where we stop up north is a huge expense that we make several times a season any extra help would be handy on making the next series event along with local sponsors and winnings Chris Hughes sst45 #17

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