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Thread: 1927 APBA race winners

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    Default 1927 APBA race winners

    Do any of these names ring a bell to anyone ? Taken from the November 1927 edition of MotorBoating magazine.
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    I didn't recognize any names Dale, but I may have something to add to this list if I can find it. A mentor of Denny Henderson and big time critic was a guy from Dallas, Texas named Henry Grupe. He had a machine shop that I am told you could eat off the floor. He was a premier machinist and motor builder, and not only worked on Merc Deflectors and Loopers, but started out with his own stuff. The old original racing motors. I don't really know any thing about them, but it was the KR's , PR's and all the smaller motors. Henry built and raced them and he was a top competitor. I never talked to him about his old racing days. My Dad Baldy and I first met him in 1966 and knew him as a top motor builder.

    A year before Debbie and I got married we took a trip down to South Padre Island. We went to a very nice seafood restaurant, and the menu had old time news articles on the front. One of the articles had race results of a 1926 regatta. Henry Grupe was one of the winners. They paid good back then. Seems like it was 60 for first place. Hope to find that menu. I saved it but it's not in my boat racing stuff.

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