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Thread: 302 Yamato to 500 CC MOD

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    Knowing you Mike you will get it figured out in no time. Now that your getting used to the sliding pipe maybe you will try the 1100r next

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    Being my 1st I was focused on the driving & didn't have a tack or gps on board. The speed was about 67 based on another who was ahead doing 68+. It is 2 into 1. I'll get the sizes later. I'd say the pipe works, in comparison with others, there were 2 30H's, I passed 1 of them & was 4th[?] out of 7 or 8 The slide, used it to get a lead on a Yamato boat I passed that was close behind at the next turn, it worked & got me a safe distance away. All told I'm happy with it but in reality the lead boat was far away.

    Thanks Todd, got a long way to go for that kind if speed LoLs

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