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I recall a C-Hydro race at St Joseph, MO (1966/67 ?) in which Bill Seebold was driving a Crescent. It sounded like it was having fuel problems, but about 1/2 way through the race it cleaned out and looked like it had 5 mph and a ton of acceleration on everyone. I don't recall where he finished or if he finished at all, but when it was running it was in a class by itself.

Here's what I recall about the alky Crescent:
  1. Pure piston-port intake with no reeds.
  2. Central combustion chamber.
  3. Slightly domed pistons. One ring(?).
  4. The compression was very high.
  5. The bottom exhaust passage was angled upstream slightly.
  6. The exhaust inside the housing was a straight pipe and short (6" or so) megaphone.
  7. The entire engine assembly with housing and lower unit was very light.
  8. The cylinder walls were chrome plated (I think).

Overall, I thought it was a very impressive engine, but then I've always been a fan of 3-cylinder engines. The only possible show stopper for me would be the chromed cylinders.


anyone know actual Port Specs ????