Thanks taffy. This is becoming a great thread. We are also getting the Mercury 60 EFI race motor into T Class. We are looking at different hulls to see which one would be best suited. We also run a Tohatsu 50 and plan on running the new EFI Tohatsu next year. We have a lot in common. You tested the yamaha 90 hp in your T850 class. I noticed it ran top 3 most of the time running against the 70 Yamahas. We are seeing that our 56 cubic inch OMCs have a good advantage over the 70 Yamahas. I would like to see different makes and models of motors racing in the class. In your view what did you think about the 90 Yamaha? Our top OMC's are now runniing low to mid 70s on the race course. Would the 90 yamaha big foot be competitive with them?