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Thread: Questions about getting started

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    Default Questions about getting started

    Hi all newbie here from NE Florida (Jacksonville), very interested in getting into racing an SST, and have some (OK, a lot of) questions, but not knowing anyone who races them, have no one to ask. Hopefully my stream of curiosity won't annoy you guys too much.

    I'm brand new to boat racing but not new to racing. I grew up around race cars, spent years roadracing motorcycles. Stopped racing bikes after a really bad crash at Homestead. Tried Sprint cars for a year or so but it didn't really scratch the itch. Now I'm really interested in SST racing and trying to learn all I can. So here goes...............

    - At first glance/look I really like the SST45 class. It looks to be popular, used set ups available for less than crippling money, not crazy fast to learn in. But It looks like there aren't a lot of 45 races in the SE vs the 60s, however I really only know about the APBA schedule. Are there other groups I haven't found yet? Once I figure out which end is up I don't mind traveling.

    - I'm 5'-9" and about 250, will be in the 220-230 range by the time I'm ready to go. Even when I'm in super shape I'll still be 210 or so and broad shouldered. Can I even comfortably fit in a 45 or 60? It's ok to me if I'm giving away too much weight to be super competitive. My goal is to get lots of seat time as economically as possible before moving up to a larger class where giving away some pounds isn't quite as catastrophic.

    - How do you guys do testing/practice? I can't see it being practical to take the race boat out to a local lake and set up buoys. Are there privately owned lakes around that you can pay a fee and test/practice in?
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