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Thread: Blue Star Racing Aluminum A-B Stock Utility circA 1950

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    Default Blue Star Racing Aluminum A-B Stock Utility circA 1950

    Name:  10 Ft Aluminum Race Boat.jpg
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    Well here is a start, boat AS FOUND, now on to a full restoration & the addition of a restored Mercury KG7H as what was run on this boat back in 1950. Surely wIll be fun to see how it handles & runs, hopefully as well as John's did back in the early 50's. As a aside about 10 years later at the World Nationals at Minneapolis Minnesota John Jordon won both the C-Mod runabout & C-Mod Hydro Worlds, not of course running the Blue Star!!!!!, as I think he was probably running a Koing by then ?? He was a great driver & competed against the best in the world, quite a effort & honor. I can get a list of who ran but I know Billy Seebold was one of the top drivers. All of this with starting driving as a wheat farmer from Kansas in the early 50's with the Class A-B Stock Utility Blue Star & a KG7H!!!!!!


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    How tall is the transom. If early it would be 17 inches for a fishing lower unit, used in the original stock outboard racing. At 15 inches it would be for a Q housing ; we called them Marathon Units in the early 60's. If 13 inches it would be an H or hydro housing.

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    Yes, to all of that, the Blue Star had a 'Saftey Catch" transom to prevent motor loss, so it had a 15 1/2" notched in the middle to 13 1/2" to prevent a loose motor loss. This style boat was raced in the early 50's with a Mercury KG7H which had the short quickie. I will fill it back to 15" & then run a short quickie on a Champion Hot Rod Model 6NHR 'B" Class or a Mercury KG7H to get the lower unit up higher out of the water as they ran them real deep back then. I run a 3 blade stainless surfacer prop which was not available in 1950 so the point of my nose cone will still be nearly 2"'s below the WATER LINE BUT I ALSO LIKE SOME DEPTH FOR MY KIND OF DRIVING (QUICK OUT OF THE HOLE), & hard cornering, NOT COMPETITION DRIVING.
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