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Thread: James Diedrich Hallum, 5/18/32 - 7/19/16

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ron Hill View Post
    You mention Doc Jones, what a "Mover and Shaker" in Outboard Racing.

    Elgin Gates owned the Trading Post in Needles, he could gas weld aluminum. My dad would send him gas tanks from the "Alky" races that had cracked.

    Around 1949, Elgin owned an "M" Hydro Jacoby and an "C" Service Evinrude...SOA's (Seattle Outboard Association) logo is Elgin gate's "M" Hydro, today.

    Elgin came to my dad and said, "He wanted to run for records at Devil's Lake, Oregon would he rebuild his "M" and "Service C"? My dad went through Elgin's two motors and Elgin broke both records.

    Doc Jones offered Elgin a job because his boats were fast. Elgin and his wife, Dolly, came home and sold the Needles Trading Post and moved to I think, Spokane, Washington to work for Doc Jones.

    Elgin, had not been there long when Doc came to him and said, "Elgin, I'm selling my Mercury Distributorship and buying the OMC Distributorship. I'm moving to Phoenix, But, they are going to have a Mercury Distributorship open up in California, you should buy it."

    Well, the distributorship was going to be $35,000, So Elgin called my dad and a 1/7 partnership in the business for $5,000. My dad counter by saying, "I have the $5,000 but I only have one partner and she'd hard to get along with. But,I will buy $5,000 worth of motors." My dad became dealer #1 in CALIFORNIA, AND HE WAS STILL DEALER #1 when he died, 1997. Mercury would not give the dealership to me, my dad never had a retail business.

    DOC Jones, and Charlie Strang were the OMC Race Team in the early days. Doc liked me, and offered me a job. I told him, as an Arizona College graduate, I'd love to live and work in Arizona, but as a teacher I got a draft deferment. Later, I won the lottery and didn't go, but the early days. I thought I'd be a ****ty foot soldier.
    Doc Jones and Charlie Strang were the OMC race team.
    Hey Ron you forgot us wrench guys!
    Just kidding and you have mentioned us numerous times when posting about OMC. Your right about Doc and Charlie. If it wasn't for Charlie OMC would have never gone racing and Doc had the shop in Phoenix where we did final prep for Parker and other races.
    I left the OMC race group to do my own thing in 1968. I missed all those trips to Europe etc. Great times though!


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    Default Hallum's Ram’s Horn -B- Anzani pipes photo & other odd items.

    My previous posts referred to the rather unique different exhaust pipe systems for the Anzani -A- & -B- engines produced by Jim Hallum during the early 1960's. I did not have photos of those unusual pipe systems, still do not unfortunately, but have found some following a BRF thread lead web link.
    Much thanks to the photo website, in Puyallup, WA (near Tacoma). It tells that the photos shown were mostly from Bob Carver or Hugh Entrop stored images.

    Walin’s trailer box usually carried the latest version of their original A & B Anzani for normal competition. Those engines also ran the higher-nitro fuel for the early Kilo record runs. In rather few years the set of power heads, tuned pipes, tower housings, and various geared lower units might at times fill the trailer box. The whole set of engine equipment available was always in flux with the maintenance, repairs, endless modifications, and limited time for it all.

    One year that Walin’s trailer carried all of the early specialty motors & pipe systems was for the 1966 APBA Nationals at DePue, IL and the week later NOA Nationals in Midland, MI. Midland also included Kilo trials so Gerry’s trailer carried the straightaway hull and the full special setup for that in A & B. The standard course competition engines were also in the trailer box. (Small photo, BRF_encyclopedia_ James Hallum_ p-3, in a Milwaukee motel parking lot).

    Included was the -A- “straightaway” Anzani with the diverter valved twin-pipe per cylinder system and the -B- “course race” Anzani with the newer “Ram’s Horn” expansion chamber pipes. The “mile/kilo record hull” is seen on the trailer waiting for the Midland-NOA speed traps.

    No photo of the 4-pipe -A- Anzani but here is a good photo of the original “Ram’s Horn” -B- Anzani first use in late 1965 or early 1966. Hallum rechecking the timing. These first-use -B-expansion chambers running normal course 25-30% nitro fuel produced power equal to or more than the same motor with std. megaphones & 45% nitro fuel used only for Kilo trials. The extremely steep power curve rise when the ‘bounce-pipes’ tuned in put excess stress on crankshaft & rods which was not produced by the high-nitro w/megaphone combination or the normal fuel w/megaphone pipes. Hallum was pleased with the Ram’s Horn pipes for dyno & course racing power but not happy with the resulting crank & rod issues. Too often twisted -B- cranks, some broken. Megaphones were used for Kilo records by needing the unrestricted low rpm power to haul the large props from planing to operating speed.

    Original Ram’s Horn -B- Anzani photo. Second photo is Lee Sutter in a later year use with the troublesome magneto removed.
    JH Rams B.jpg
    Sutter Rams Horn.jpg
    Now for a final surprise photos, a unique old motor setup that I added to those initial strange pipe building years of the early 1960’s Seattle scene. I did not remember that the photo’s existed, that anyone still alive had ever seen the motor, or that anyone remembered, so no chance of my mention of it. An old friend did remember seeing it so the best estimate of the build year was 1962 over winter. This was after the first Hallum valved twin-pipe test Tohatsu 50cc motorcycle use and maybe during the initial building of the -A- Anzani diverter valve 4 pipe system (which was a long process). It was a bit of a shock to see this old 55-H beast again. Set on a runabout for the photo shoot I guess. Time & money ran out for me & the motor after one test on my hydro. (Added photo of the Hallum Tohatsu 50cc moto later set up for 1/4 mile drag w/Jim Dunn riding).
    Russ Rotzler
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    Wow! Glad you came back. Amazing photos and history.

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    Default Sutters Gold

    Master Oil Team.
    Some quite wild happenings in those early 1960's Seattle years and they continued as many slightly later outboard racers know.

    I have tried to be careful in sorting my old memories but it has been tough to be certain. I hope that any discrepancies are small enough to not effect the larger story. The photo of Sutter under tow in his Ram's Horn piped Anzani is an example. If you examine the two photos of those curled pipes you will see that the pipe segment just downstream of the rope plate on Hallum's original has several weld beads which were where wedge shaped cutouts are used to shrink the tube to a smaller end diameter and to adjust the bend radius. On Sutter's pipes that segment is without several of those welds so that pipe set was built a little later. I probably should not have labeled the motor as a -B- Anzani since it could just as easily be an -A- and there is also a pretty good chance that Ron Anderson may have built that pipe set. Hallum and the Anderson brothers were busy (prolific) builders of good equipment and collaborated extensively. The record books and titles tell that story.

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    Russ, you've really brought this thread to life with your stories from the day. I know how much you miss Jim at times, me too, but at least we know he would have got a charge out of reading it all. Also know that Jim's family very much appreciates this as a tribute to him.

    (EDIT} (1-20-18) Earlier in this thread, some were asking who else ran Anzanis, and we came up with a few names. But recently "Racingfan1" has been posting old newsletters with race reports from the '50s and early '60s, and if wou want to look through them there are quite a few Anzani racers mentioned, names we didn't recall. So FWIW, and if you haven't already seen them, here are two threads in the Outboard History section:

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