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Thread: Johnson "70mod"

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    I dont know about that, because people were making their engines to same spec as sst60 before oval port engine was made ?
    oval port did not come until 1993 in most parts of the world.

    the oval port head for the 60hp and 70hp is the same part number,
    the 50hp 3 cyl oval port is not the same number and is lower compression, I dont know the thickness of the 50hp head or depth of pocket...

    on the thin cylinder head why not fill the bottom of the pocket to get correct depth ? then plug hole can then be re-taped and tiny bit machined from outside to
    give correct depth for the spark plug.
    this would save shaving the head too much by just adding a small amount of alloy in the pocket ?
    maybe this is a bad Idea ? but if it can be done then it could be a simple solution to use any of the cyl heads .
    for example have 2mm material put in the pock then just tiny shave and its perfect ?

    all depends how easy to get thicker head ?

    its just an idea that maybe could work I dont know ?

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    Hello all!

    Our midsummer, 30 minutes to midnight almost full daylight.

    Go for a boat ride or not, too many beers!
    Enjoy, I do😎
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    Looks like you have a very bright night there, here it was like that until 10.30 pm.

    beers and boats are not too good an idea when getting dark, too hard to find the little green bottles ha ha .

    best go in proper daylight for testing.

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