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The T750 boats are 55 to 67 hp. The T850 altered 56 OMC ‘s are 100 hp plus. Speed wise the T750 record is over 65 mph. Our best T850 recorded speed is 80 mph while the UIM T850 record is 68 mph. Overall all the feedback I get about the 60 is positive. Interesting that you have a 12 x 22 Mercury prop. The original model of that prop is liked by many T guys. With your boat you may find it is too much prop. I would not be surprised if an 11.5 x 18 works better. One last comment....I had a fellow running a 1998 59 cubic inch 2 stroke Mercury switch to the 4 stroke. The 2 stroke acceleration was better, but the 4 stroke was only 1 mile an hour slower. So for a non race application...equal!!
Cool, yea i may need to drop some pitch and or diamiter but i know i could sell the 12x22 easily as they are very good on the f4s boats, i may try one of Mr Hills props if it dosent work or trade mine for another merc cleaver.