Im selling my Broccoli Picklefork hydro and two Mark 20H racing motors. I simply do not use it much anymore so Ive decided it should go to someone that will run it. The boat is a 70s B hydro built by Craig Bowman. I was told it is one of only two hydros that Craig built. It was built using ribbon mahogany and is beautiful. Ive never seen another one like it. The motors are a stock Mark 20H and a Mark 20 H conversion. Both are excellent, strong runners. There is too much info on the motors and boat to include here, so just contact me if you want more info and pictures.

The boat is $1,400, the stock 20H is $2,000 and the 20H conversion is $1,500. If you want to buy the boat and the stock motor the price is $3,200. The boat with the conversion motor is $2,700. If you buy the boat and both motors, Id sell the package for $4,500.

I can be reached at or (414) 333-5329. This stuff is in northern Wisconsin and can be brought to Tomahawk in August.