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Thread: Bump Stocks !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Powerabout View Post
    hence the thread being in open discussion?
    You're right... 10-4.... However maybe the administrators meant it to be an 'Open Discussion' about Boat Racing...

    Maybe Ron can chime in here about this.
    Dean Hobart

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    Default Politics Are Important Than Boat Racing

    Quote Originally Posted by DeanFHobart View Post
    You're right... 10-4.... However maybe the administrators meant it to be an 'Open Discussion' about Boat Racing...

    Maybe Ron can chime in here about this.
    In my life time, politics have done more to hurt boat racing than anything:

    1. We used to be able to run our boats, in fresh water, at Bixby Slough. County turned it into a park, and stopped all boating.

    2. We used to go across from Tin Can Beach. If the tide was in, we could get a mile course. On weekends, we had "Cheater Sweep Stakes". We ran A Runabouts, A Hydros, C Hydro, B Runabouts and D Hydros together. Ted May made the handicaps, and he usually won...We stopped so much traffic on Highway 101, the posted no parking all along highway 101 where we could no longer get to the water.

    3. We used to test at Golden Shores by the Queen Mary. Now, they have a 5 MPH speed limit clear out to the ocean. (We could run in the LA River and it was smooth.

    4. We used to race at Puddingstone. Obama gave the park away to the "NATIONAL FOREST" and they kicked us off the lake.

    5. We used to race at the San Diego Flood Control Channel, twice a year. The county bull dozed the road away, so we could no longer get to the channel.

    6. We used to race at Hansen Dam. They closed it because of a flood. They build a small swimming lake and bull dozed the road to the big lake. We raced there in the 1950-60. The lake is the same size today, just no way to get to the water.

    7 We used to race in Victorville. The state bought the lake and turned it into a fish hatchery, and stopped all power boats.

    8. Legg Lake was built and they promised boat racing....there is boat racing, RC.

    9. Long Beach Marine Stadium was built for the 1932 Olympics. There is one power boat race a year there. The sponsor is required to notify all the neighbors with in hearing of the stadium. (Very expensive race to put on).

    10. Our government passed a law that, if you sold land smaller than 5 acres, you had to guarantee water for 20 years. When Havasu went out of the "land business" the race stopped. Thank you Congress for killing this great American boat race, and a few others! Trump is talking about "DOWN SIZING" the EPA. We used to race at Holiday Shores (Sponsored race), Golden Shores (Winternationals), Havasu (Outboard World Championships), and Lake Los Angeles. (Lake Los Angeles was man made lake. We raced there about six times, great place. They gave the club $5,000 per race.

    We need, as Americans, to be involved in politics.
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