Hi all been lurking in the forum for a while now so i thought i would take the plunge and ask how i can mod my V4 85. I was going to turn her into a 140 but i was unsure of the outcome but now its has come time to decide on what to do with my motor a Johnson 85hp crossflow 1980 (so 85hp at flywheel) and a collection of bits
I have the following
1 bubble exhaust and manifold plus stuufers from a 140
1 set of reed stuffers from a 140
1 set of 1 5/16th carbs from a 140 (Jets are 76c) also have a set of 58c I have taken out the choke plates as i will be using the choke primer.
1 set of 1978 High Comp Heads from a 140.
1 set of CCR sport reeds
I was toying with adding these to my 85 block and porting the block to 140 spec.
I know i have to cut the lower rib out to fit the bubble exhaust
I was going to get the porting done at the same time.
Now i dont know if the porting will be on par with the factory spec.
I dont have the money just to buy a 140, they are also pretty hard to come by (i live in Scotland)
So i will just add the bubble exhaust and other parts and run it as a tuned 85 Will this work ????
Will i get just as much power with the exhaust left off???
I would like to try and get around 85 at the prop more if i can.
I have probally asked this question in other forums but now is the crunch time
Does anyone know of a way to get more power out of an 85 ????
Some folks on here must know of a way to build a reliable fast V4 85 motor