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Thread: 11 Tunnel /Yamato

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    Default 11 Tunnel /Yamato

    Here goes an attempt to get a new class going in Mexico. So far weve done quite well getting the ball rolling with ModVP boats in two classes: "Formula 2000" similar to COR and "Formula 3000" with 2.5 Mercs and big OMCs... The little Jet Ski hulls running 25 HP outboards are doing ok so now Im going for this:

    Yamato 202/302/321 with no modifications on an 11 tunnel (I own two of these and the molde). I should run the first try this weekend with an old prop 2-blade prop to see what happens. Thoughts? I love Yamatos for several reasons (price being a big factor)....
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    Engine looks like it is to deep in the water, try jacking it up.

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    It might be the angle of the photo but it does look low? Interesting rig.
    As you know with a tunnel they run the prop shaft center at the low point of the sponson bottoms or higher but can the Yamato do that and to cool at that height? With the tunnel there is flat approach water (generally) to the prop thus nil upwash like there is on a hydro that sits just a bit below the approach water level and gives prop upwash to help cool the Y's.
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    how did this setup work out? I also have a 11.5ft tunnel and a spare Y102 would like to know if this ran OK

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    Looks like a Wrangler, I had a red and white one with a 102 Yamato on it
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