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Thread: CW "DOC" Jones, OMC Distributor

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    Default CW "DOC" Jones, OMC Distributor

    Jim Nerstrom is trying to find out what "CW" stand for in CW "Doc' Jones.

    So far, we have asked Edgar Rose, Greg JACOBSEN, RON HILL, JIM McCUNE (AND HIS WIFE WHO WORKED FOR DOC FOR 5 YEARS), Roger Hulett, I asked Mike Jones, too. No one seems to know what CW "DOC" Jones stood for.

    Any help out there in la la land???

    Doc offered me a job in 1966, but I told him I was getting a draft "DEFERMENT" because I taught school. I would have loved to worked for DOC, but things sometimes work out.


    DOC JONES was the original OMC Race Team. He and Charlie Strang worked closely together to form the OMC Team.

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    Did you ask Fred Hauenstein?
    Dean Hobart

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    Default Cyril Wayne or CW "Doc" Jones Mystry Solved

    Hey- this website says Cyril Wayne Jones.It has to be Doc, donít you think?

    Thanks to Tana Moore, APBA Propeller Magazine editor.

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    Excellent detective work, thank you Tana.

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    Default Many Hands Make Light Work

    Quote Originally Posted by NERSTROM View Post
    Excellent detective work, thank you Tana.
    It appears from these emails, Jim that it wasn't you looking for CW "DOC" Jones' name. Bob Zipp?

    Until Roger Hulett, Ray Hulett's son remember CW"s wife name we we going nowhere fast.

    I also need to thank Trisha Roark Borders of Memories of Needle Past and Present, for her excellent detective work.

    C.W. "Doc" Jones


    Message body

    Hi Tana,

    I want to especially Thank You and all of Your contacts for their assistance in tracking down the name of C. W. Jones. That is the information that I was looking for.

    "Cyril Wayne" is it, and it was fact checked when, as a result of your lead, I was able to track down the Obituary for Cyril Wayne Jones that was written by his son. That Obituary follows, and it includes and corresponds with other information that I have uncovered in my research. I made part of the first paragraph of the Obituary that included his nickname "Doc" and Hydro Racing, bold and underlined it.

    I am trying to write down as much Outboard History as I can so it will not be lost. This is an example of how easily some of the Outboard History while not really "lost"; however, is very difficult to find.

    Thanks again Tana, you are the Best!!!!

    Best Regards,

    Bob Zipps

    C.W. Jones was raised in Sidney, Texas under the harsh conditions of the Great Depression. Despite his humble beginnings, Cyril, more commonly known as "Doc", became a very successful businessman with many accomplishments in his corporation, Jones Distributing, Inc. He was also involved in several hydroplane racing projects, with resulting world speed records to his name.

    While my father did not attend university, his appetite for academic knowledge was voracious. It is known to us, his descendants, that he purchased a college level calculus text and completed it, every exercise. His command of the English language was impressive and seldom did a day pass that he did not learn something new. He was an avid reader and enjoyed a myriad of material, from technical literature to poetry and history.

    Pursuant to his goals in hydroplane racing, Doc developed substantial prowess as a machinist Coincidental to his other great hobby, fly fishing, he used his talents as a machinist to create advanced and beautiful fishing reels, the result being numerous patents granted by the U.S. patent office.

    C.W.'s passing was the result of leukemia and his actual place of death was a hospital in Comanche, Texas. He is interred in the Jones family plot located in the Northwest corner of Pendergrass cemetery... very close to where he grew up as a boy.

    Mark E. Jones, Son

    -----Original Message-----
    From: Ron Hill
    To: Tana Moore
    Cc: Sabrina Haudek ; Robert Zipps
    Sent: Tue, May 8, 2018 1:22 pm
    Subject: Re: C.W. "Doc" Hill II

    WOW, if I had a "HANDLE"
    like that, I'd be CW too!

    Where did you find this?? My "People" will be disappointed that you found it...

    From: Tana Moore <>
    To: Ron Hill <>
    Cc: Sabrina Haudek <>; Robert Zipps <>
    Sent: Tuesday, May 8, 2018 9:43 AM
    Subject: Re: C.W. "Doc" Hill

    Hey- this website says Cyril Wayne Jones.It has to be Doc, don’t you think?

    On May 8, 2018, at 12:19 PM, Tana Moore <> wrote:

    yes, sorry, it was Jones, not Hill. My typo. I appreciate your nosing around. Sabrina said all references at APBA just said C.W.Bob Zipps wrote,
    "I don't know whether or not this will be helpful to you, but in my research, one of the sources where I found "Doc" Jones initials (C. W.) was in the 1974 APBA Rule Book "Part 2 General" in the "yellow pages portion" on page 155, the sixth line from the bottom of the page, written as follows.

    Boat Name: Starflite 4; Driver: Gerry Walin; Owner: C. W. Jones; Hull: McDonald; Engine: Evinrude

    Anyway, thanks very much.
    On May 8, 2018, at 12:12 PM, Ron Hill <> wrote:


    We never had a "DOC" Hill, "DOC" Ingalls, "DOC" Kerns, and "DOC" Findley Russell (Invented the antivenom for snake bites). "DOC" Brina Ewald that own the GN El Cid...

    "DOC" Jones and Charlie started OMC's race team, called Jones Engines in the beginning.

    I thought Edgar might know something, but he didn't.

    I don't think Fred Hauenstein will know anything either, but he just getting back to Wisconsin.

    From: Tana Moore <>
    To: Ron Hill <>; Sabrina Haudek <>; Cindy Minoletti <>
    Sent: Tuesday, May 8, 2018 6:17 AM
    Subject: C.W. "Doc" Hill

    Hi- a Bob Zipps is asking about C.W. "Doc” Jones - wants to know what his real name was.

    "What I am trying to find out, is what the initials of C. W. "Doc" Jones of Phoenix, Arizona stand for???? Or what at the very least, what is his first name????

    "Doc" Jones was an Evinrude Distributor for the Mountain States Region, and he owned the boat that Gerry Walin set the World Speed Record for outboards back in the 1970s using an Evinrude Outboard Motor. Everyone that was associated with setting the record, whose name I could find, has since passed away.

    "Doc" Jones was formerly a Distributor for the Kiekhaefer Corporation, maker of Mercury Outboard Motors. "Doc" Jones switched from being a Mercury Distributor to an Evinrude Distributor in the mid-1950s.

    Anybody heard of him or know where to look?

    Thank you.


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