I was surprised to find this forum, its so cool. Im new to this and Im hoping to find some people who knew my Dad back in the racing days. I mentioned to my Dad who is 88 years old that I found some pictures that looked like a race boat I remembered him having when I was a kid. I told him it was called a Kober Kat. His eyes lit up and he said yeah Dave Kober was a good friend of his and built that boat in his garage for me. Dad use to do bracket racing and circle racing. We lived in California till '72 then moved to the midwest.
I gave dad the number posted here for Dave but this post is several years old. Im hoping Dave is still around. Bill Emde is my Dads name if anyone remembers him. He also raced a tunnel hull the 707 a tangerine orange mulinari owned by Art Moore with Dads motor and raced with a guy named Dean Martin who had the "Bitch Kitty"
I remember one of Dads boats was 341gp or pg not sure what class that was middle 60's

Thanks a bunch!