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Thread: Stock convert to alcohol, mehanol / nitromethane

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    Lordy, Wayne, that sounds semi-exciting, at least!! I never heard one rev like that. on the occasions I saw this happen, when an engine started running away the throttle-man whacks it closed and the full-butterflies at least limit the rpm. But with the engine still running, somebody generally grabs an oar or some other hard object and shoves it against the side of the flywheel while somebody else thinks to clamp his hands over the carbs. But if the engine was screaming, anybody would be tempted to back off from it like a grenade that was starting to swell.

    I still have my little old A Konig, as parts in a box, very mildly ported exhausts with the "lawn-dart" pipes and tiny carbs (25mm bored to 26mm). When running right, which usually wasn't for all that long, I could see about 75 on a Keller speedometer on a heavy Marchetti. If I'd known then what I've learned since, I think I could have done a lot better, but as it was, the only record I set was for being an exceptionally dumb young guy.

    dvd, are you getting the messages? What are ya gonna do when a fully-cowled playmotor on nitro starts running away on the boat ramp with a lot of clueless non-racers and kids all around you wondering what the heck . . . ?? It's great that you aspire to do some hands-on outboard hot-rodding, but you'll have more fun, learn more, and make friends with a bunch of liked-minded fellas if you do this in a racing context. If you are anywhere near where the U.S. Title Series runs one of their all-PRO races, go spend a day and see if you don't come away all charged up to be an alky racer.
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    Auto-ignite.....been there, done that, wouldn't do it again. In the late '90's in a prior life as a snowmobile drag racer, I rode a 1/4 mile asphalt sled for a guy....not fast by today's standards, but fast for the day....low 9's @ mid 140's. One day he decides to run it in a big $$ bracket race on 20% nitro. I got it through several rounds ok....then someone forgot to shake the can before filling the sled (nitro falls outta' suspension pretty quick). Tanks full of close to 100%. Burn it out, run the rpm up to 'stage' it and it keeps on going.....and going. Uh-oh. Kill switch no workee. Grab a BIG handful of brakes, get against the guard rail, get ready to let it go on it's own, and seizes. I don't remember....but I probably ruined a good pair of skivvies. All I could think about was "What if it had happened after the launch and I go into the 'sand trap' at 140+".

    That was the last time I ever drove anything on a drag strip that you sat on top of....and the last time I ever raced anything that someone else prepped.

    I can laugh about it now. Nitro smelled great, though....even better than castor.

    I say "Pardon Me" a lot. I had a 20H with a toilet bowl, then raced open mod sleds.
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    My first trip to Depue in 1972, I was checking out Ron Anderson's AOH rig in the pits. One of the things I noticed was he had real low boat stands. The only reason I noticed this was because my mentor ( Dick Fickett) had real high boat stands. Dick said it was much easier on his back working on the motors. Ron went to warm up his Konig and it was the first motor I ever heard auto ignite. Ron walked back and put his right foot up on the rope plate to stop the motor. No sense of panic, just went on working like it never happened. I am sure that this was not the first time it had happened to him. The guys out West sure liked their nitro.

    Ron had about 10 MPH on me.

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