I signed in today to delete my thread, but got a couple of notifications from a heavy hitter with lots of pull that liked it, so I guess I will keep it up for awhile. I was planning to respond last week from some of the posts, but I was tied up because I was the election judge in our precinct and my wife and neighbor were clerks.

The vast majority of the illegals enter the United States in the region of Texas where I live. That has been the case forever. I have seen lots of illegals in my life and the ones coming in today are vastly different than those prior to the last decade or so. Back in the past century they were looking for work and had worn out clothes, shoes and maybe a sack with some stuff in it. They were not smuggling drugs. They simply wanted to make money to provide for their families, mostly in Mexico. They were thin, but healthy. Most of the ones coming in today are young men of military age that are capable of holding jobs. Many among the invasion are obese, and all are wearing good clothes including expensive Nike shoes, hats and backpacks. They are being assisted along their way unlike the illegals in the past. I hope they will not be able to enter, but many can get in on their own if they break away from the caravans.

They DO bring in diseases. It has been reported in San Antonio where many have been held. Always in the past, immigrants wanting to come to the U.S. had to apply and part of the screening process was that they were to be tested for drug use, tuberculosis, measles, smallpox, and many other infectious diseases. The hand, foot and mouth disease most often pops up among large groups of children with poor hygiene and the average age is 5 years old. I had never heard of this disease until two years ago. With my Mom's family mostly being ranchers I grew up around livestock and have know of hoof and mouth disease all my life. I never heard of hand, foot and mouth disease until that first caravan came up in 2014 and it was reported in the news. I had at first thought they were talking about the livestock disease, but no....this one is about kids from poor countries migrating in.

I have worked on the other side of the wall in McAllen, Texas very close to where much of the reporting of the caravans is taking place. I must tell you, it is a disgusting, filthy area where all manner of trash and clothing is discarded. Same thing up and down the border where you see major crossings. I have seen illegals being rounded up, and one tried to get into my pickup once while I waited at a stop sign for traffic to clear. My Dad was once a victim of 3 illegals and we were lucky he wasn't severely injured or killed. They snuck into his house at night and stole all the beer in his refrigerator along with 12 and 20 gauge Remington shotguns, a Colt semi-automatic 45 caliber pistol, a Winchester 264 magnum rifle, and a Smith and Wesson 22 caliber revolver. They did not get his Giles 357 magnum semi-automatic pistol because he kept it in a holster strapped to his bedpost. He generally slept with his hand resting on the pistol grip. They camped out in a dry creek bed about 100 yards from his house and drank all the beer.

Smitty, you are right that most of them are good hard workers. And you are right that they are the hardest workers of them all. Unfortunately, they generally do not have the skills to make enough money to have to pay taxes. In fact, up until states began encouraging to get drivers licenses, sign up for schools, and register for benefits, most were paid cash. Those who worked in agriculture were provided a place to live, food and other necessities and they sent their money home periodically, or carried it home to spend some time before coming back. In 2014 the money sent home exceeded the foreign money Mexico received from oil and gas sales. That's why they don't want to stop the illegal immigration, and do not stop those south of Mexico from coming up. They profit from all this.

So I will keep this going a little longer, but if it gets out of hand, I will delete the thread. I just wanted to make it plain that the threat of diseases being spread is real and is happening, but not being reported.