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Thread: Georgio Molinari

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    Default Georgio Molinari

    Georgio Molinari

    Well, I want to make sure not to come off wrong here, but Georgio Molinari's racing claim to fame, as I recall, is that he is Renato's younger brother....
    I have not seen him since 1970, but he was handsome compared to Renato, looked more like Angelo.
    Georgio may have gotten bad raps about his driving because Renato was "THE KING" at that time...
    Georgio seemed to "BLOW OVER" a lot. The best story, see Scotti was Renato's cousin and Scotti's boat factory was next door to Molinari's factory. Molinari could only sell to Mercury and Scotti could only sell to OMC......But the employees worked for whoever had orders for boats.
    As the Molinari team loads up for Paris (The 6 Hour) 1969, Georgio decides to take one last test ride in his boat. Well, he blew it over, tore the fire out it...Renato....Carlo Racini....Angelo and all leave for Paris without Georgio....
    The guys at both factories start working on Georgio's boat, they fix it in an all nighter, paint it and he shows up for Paris on Friday, and paint is still wet on the boat... Don't recall how he did, but do recall that those Italians had some FINE looking women!!!!

    Jackie Wilson adds: Giorgio was MR NICE GUY out of all the Molinari's .Married his Childhood sweetheart ,had a boy and as far as i know still runs Angelo's old factory in Como. Won the world O.I. championship in 1971 at Rabbondages , I chucked the race away trying to stop drivers running over Tullio Abbatte Who took a flier on the top buoy. I took all the silverware except the world title. Georgio said "take this ,it should be yours" It was only a small piece of Ming China.-----------Thats the sort of guy Georgio is. Love him to Bits!! Ps. He was Nearly as handsome as me.
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