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Thread: John Alden, Oakland, California

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    Default John Alden, Oakland, California

    Johnny Alden

    Johnny Alden was from Oakland. He and his wife Frieda never had any kids, but they were always nice to me. Johnny's Champion Hot Rods were ledgendary.

    I first saw him run about 1956 at a race in Oakland, but it was not Lake Merritt where the 1952 Stock Nationals had been held.

    I think is was 1957 when I drew this picture of John Alden's boat. I had seen it run at Orick CA where we had had the Stock Divisionals and Kilos. I don't think he got to run the kilos becasue of fog. I broke the AU record that day, but because of bad weather, I really never got but one run.

    It was 1958 that I actually got to see the boat of John Alden and Teddy Johnson run. (Ted and Gary Johnson are the OJ Propeller people...Erci Johnson who ran Stock 200SSh and SST 120 is gary Johnson's son... Teddy's son plays for the New England Patriots...) Teddy and Johnny Teamed.

    We had Kilos at Long Beach, on Monday the day after the Stock Divisionals in 1958, even though I had won AU, my dad said I was too big to go to the Nationals in Florida...Ron Loomis did go from California...

    Anyway, Teddy Johnson had this Modified B Alky Hot Rod aired out and going a reported 78 mph, when he crossed Bud Cowdary's C Service wake, the boat went out of control and torn the transon out and Teddy John went A** over tea kettle. But was not hurt. It was a corkscrew crash, I can see it in my mind.

    By 1959 the 20-H had a Kit and Johnny ran a 20-H but never was THE MAN TO BEAT as he had been with his Hot Rod...(Both Stock and Alky as there was no MOD Outboards then)...

    I liked the way he named his boats...Tailwind I, II and I think he was to Tailwind XIII, but don't know..Jerry Waldman called his boats Spooker...Last one I remember was Spooker XXV.

    Not the greatest drawing, but I was really trying to figure out why he went so fast...again, I was in 6th grade when I drew this.....I was also wishing I could drive it.
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