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Thread: Bill Hoctor: New Jersey Boat Racer

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    Default Bill Hoctor: New Jersey Boat Racer

    This one is special: Bill Hoctor

    I happened to be outside of the VFW Sunday morning and saw Bill Hoctor showing some of his photos to some guys. I walked over and started looking. I happened to mention that I wished I had had a photo of him that I could get autographed, but unfortunately I didn't. Bill is like very many of the racers that I didn't get any photos of before either they quit or I did. Or sometimes because we were in the same heats I never had an opportunity.

    A little while after I wandered off a short distance Bill came up to me with this photograph. He said it was the only one he had that he could part with. I was so pleased. He apologized for the crop marks on the photo and as he said it, he rubbed the upper right hand corner with his thumb and the marks came off. We were both surprised. I forgot to ask him how many years ago they ran that photo. I erased some more of it as an illustration to this story. But I am thinking I may keep some of the marks on it as it is really now a part of this tale.

    The photo appeared in the "CN Sports" section (don't know the publication) and was 3 columns. This was a C hydro Bill was driving. The caption to the story was "Steady as she goes". It is a PRIZ to my collection. Thanks again Bill.

    From Wayne Baldwin's Autograph collection!
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