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Thread: 60hp Carb serial number help

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    Default 60hp Carb serial number help

    Hi I am trying to track down some 60hp carbs for by 59ci Merc. Does anyone know if the ones in the attached picture would work? I'm having a hard time finding much info about them just searching the serial number. also will carbs off a 52ci 60 work on the 59? they seem to be easier to find. I had also heard the 60 and 90 carbs were the same can anyone confirm this? Thanks for the help!
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    Don’t worry about the serial number mate.
    It’s the wme number your after.
    I think wme 57 or 58 are 60 carbs will check later
    52ci carbs will work on 59ci motas

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    1996 60hp 52ci are WME-45 on the motor I can see with my own eyeballs.
    Looks like early 59ci are WME-58 for electric start 60hp, and WME-57 for the manual start 55/60hp, according to parts catalogs.

    Question is - other that jetting which you can see in the parts catalogs, what are the differences in the castings/finish machining of the various WME designations out there..?

    Are there larger venturi options for the 52 and 59ci Merc 60hp, like in the Yamaha world using 90hp carbs on the 70hp engine?
    Maybe the factory stock 60hp carbs are not the bottleneck on this Merc?

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