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Thread: Breaking News Poll !

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    Default Breaking News Poll !

    Breaking News Poll !

    There is a new credible poll out that asked over one million citizens equally divided among people self identified as
    Would you like America to become Bankrupt and a Third world Nation ?

    The respondents overwhelmingly said by 99% NO !

    The same poll asked people considered Illegal, would you have left your home country and family
    there if you thought America was as bankrupt, dictatorial, and as poor as the country you left behind ?

    97% of the respondents said overwhelmingly No !

    Bankrupt and third world Countries are never progressive or have any kind of vast middle class !

    They are always ruled by an UN Democratic ruling class with an Iron Fist, and are still ruled that way Period !

    What made America great was what we used to have as a vast middle class ,Quote the envy of the world free or
    Not , And that is what inspired many people to risk sometimes everything to come here both Illegally and
    Legally !

    Enough is Enough, we as a Country have to be able to say No for us to survive economically, with any kind of a middle class Nation again, with
    The Financial ability to lead as an example for the rest of to the world to freely follow if it chooses to do so !

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    Default Dry Waller in Las Vegas

    Almost 14 years ago, my friend, saw the recession coming and closed his business in Las Vegas. He ad done $22,000,000 in dry walling that year. He moved to California.

    For about ten years this guy and I saw each other at least once a month. Two years ago he died.

    He had been to a funeral in Vegas, about a year before he died, for a friend that he had once given a framed THOUSAND DOLLAR BILL.

    While in Vegas, he "NOSED AROUND" some construction sites. He was shocked to find the "DRY WALLERS" were working for half what he had paid them 10-12 earlier. Illegals, working off the books for CASH!

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    My understanding is in Cuba and Mexico you can get drywall done for a third or less of the cost of having it done in America !

    But I would not live in either one of those ****hole Countries period, nor would most Americans or even Illegals !

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    Take a look a Cuba. It's location and climate....very near the US border for easy flying, transportation of goods, etc. A great climate for growing agriculture, tourism, fishing ....maybe a new NFL franchise, boat racing, gambling....more tourism along with fantastic entertainment and all that goes along with that. Turn loose the capitalist entreprenures like China did with Hong Kong and surrounding islands when the British 99 year lease ran out, and you would see a country change overnight. The thugs and dictators would disappear as China sought new territory to exploit right off our southern border. While in the process of building all this up all the people, including criminals and drug dealers would be catching boats to go to Cuba instead of the U.S. Many great opportunities to go their instead of trying to get over a wall that trump will build. The drug dealers already have the boats. So how about that idea? When they got everything would surpass both Hong Kong and even Singapore.

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