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All the years from my original concept of the 45 in my workshop through the years building 45 engines that won championships & one world, we never seemed to have an issue with the corners nor is there a spec that they could measure. Height, opening, chamfer etc. as you stated were measured to a spec. Mostly verniers were used, some made straight line measuring tools. To me there were too many + or - variables. We won one of the earlier nationals and were challenged because of the scallop hand ground material where the transfer was only to have the inspector compare it with other permanent mold blocks & allow it to pass. Thus the statement in the inspection manual. If you want more clarification on how they actually perform the measurements may I suggest you contact APBA's chief inspector, Ken Scoville, ken@boatwrx.com.
Thanks John
I watched some guys do it on RJ's engine at Port Neches a few years ago, simple enough, they had go no go gauges.
I imagine a stock OMC has 1/2" radius, perhaps they dont care or it has enough port area not to make a difference?