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Thread: Magazine articles from the 30's 40's 50's

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    Default Racing costs March 1957

    This article from the March 1957 edition of Outboard magazine. Oh, how times have changed, but I guess cost is all relative to the time.
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    The cover picture for the article from the top 502-US Dick O'Dea finished 3rd, F-77 Don Baldaccini winner & 812-C Bob Parish, finished on the podium, not sure what position but he won BSH. This was at the 1954 nationals in Depere, WI. Dick & Don's boats were Swifts & Bob's was a DeSilva.
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    Default 1954 Stock Nationals at DePere, Wisconsin

    My dad was the Chief Motor inspector. When he left DePere, 526-C was the winner as my dad had DQ'd Badaccini's block.

    526-C was Vic Bonnam, his wife also raced A Hydro.

    Don Guerin was APBA Stock VP and he had proxy votes from his Commission, and he personnally over ruled my dad's finding, Bonnam end up second.....unless, reinstating Baldaccini changed the points.

    Guerin was a Mercury Distributor in New York, and my dad had disqualified his son, at the 1952 cut a illegal foot. Guerin never forgot! He screwed me out of two nationals in D Runabout, 1959 and 1960.

    When Vic got home from the Nationals he raced a Parker and threw a rod. My dad bought that engine from him with a rod sticking out of the case.

    That same weekend, I had been given Red Thomas' A motor. Red was Squadron leader in the marine Air Force and had been at DePere, and was qualifed in AU and BU, we he saw summons home, late Saturday night, and sent to Korea.

    As he didn't own the boat or his 20-H, he had no problem them. But he owned the "A" my dad had built him. He gave it to me as he left town!

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