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Thread: Trim adjustment causing engine to stumble at idle?

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    Default Trim adjustment causing engine to stumble at idle?

    Hey guys I have been chasing an issue of intermittent idle issues on my 96 model evinrude 40hp 2 stroke.
    I have been through 2 sets of carbies, (it's now running the big bore 60hp units) and absolutely screaming at full noise.
    But I keep coming across an issue when I trim the motor down as I leave the shallow waters, it idles perfectly when it's up appropriately 5-10 degrees, but as soon as it gets to around 2-3 degrees from vertical, it begins to stumble and sounds like its only running on one cylinder.
    I checked to see if there is any hoses or wiring being crushed at this position and did find the trim power cables to be routed incorrectly and were damaged with the sheathing split exposing the wires (which I assumed to be earthing on the motor and causing electrical issues with the ignition).
    However I rerouted and repaired it, but it's still doing the same thing.
    Could it possibly be a float level in one or both of the carbies causing it to flood once at this angle? It does appear to be more of a mixture issue, as I can't achieve a happy mixture setting when the issue is present (and I have to just settle for screwing up the idle a little bit on the tiller)?

    Or is there something else that this particular motor has an issue with?

    Any help would be much appreciated
    Cheers guys Ken

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    Does this engine have a recirculation system on it ? If it does maybe a check valve is plugged causing puddling and a rich condition when trimmed down or hoses if any misrouted. Skip

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