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Thread: How big a bore is too big?

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    Jeff, if your guy didn't (couldn't..?) run his boring bar to the bottom of your #2 cylinder, then he OWES you more work. Take it back to him, since the other two bores were right, then he can do it. He still owes you a fully finished bore on #2 and hand grinding way down there seems like a wrecked block waiting to happen. Have the guy make it right.

    Here's a guy in Danville, VA who seems to do it right. This guy has a ton of decent videos from his machine shop and does a nice job narrating his work. Below, I have linked two videos showing what FastJeff's job SHOULD have looked like. This is not an endorsement; I don't know the guy at all but he seems to know what he's doing.

    Motion Machine Inc in Danville, Virginia. 4-cylinder 100/115/120/125hp block showing the set-up and nice description. 3-cylinder 60hp two stroke bore job
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    He looks really good. I filed his info for future use--if ever. After 60 plus years of building and running hydros, the end is getting closer all the time. The mind is still willing, but the old bod is saying "Taper down fellah!"

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