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Thread: The AOF - American Outboard Federation.

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    I looked through my old club cards. The earliest I have from the AOF "expired" in 12/72 and was signed by Richard Morris. The last expired 12/74 and was signed by Dudley Malone.

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    At that time, NOA was going down. Claude Fox got Marshall Grant to be president of NOA hoping his name and prestige could help to save NQA. Marshall agreed, but let Claude know that unless things changed and he could get the numbers up, then it would be better if NOA shut down. To continue as is would hurt boat racing. This info was from Joe Rome today and was from a long private meeting at Alex that Joe and Marshall had in the previous year. We all knew there were problems on the horizon, but at that time, no one was addressing it. It may have been, and probably was what spurred AOF to consider starting up. We need to hear from the folks that got the inspiration to get AOF up and running. At the time, I have to admit that I was one of the ones that did not think they could make it. I was wrong. They have lasted longer than NOA.

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