Hey guys, looking to add some MPH to my old Glasstream. I would like some recommendations on setup and propeller choices. The boat is a 1987 Glasstream 160V with a 1989 OMC V4 90hp. Not much info on these Glasstreams and I understand they were cheap, poor quality hulls.

With no mods or setup work it runs 52-54mph at 6200rpm. The prop is an OE aluminum 13x19p. I want to get a jackplate on and get the engine up some. Not looking to run a nose cone or LWP at this point.

I'm not sure how to choose a setback that would work best for the hull. Also, not sure on the propeller to suit me best. I think a 24p Raker would be a good starting point, but I'm all ears if someone has any advice.

I mostly run smooth water, lot's of WOT, and with no real load in the boat.