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    This past Sunday I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with Lou Simon, brother of Chuck Simon. Back in the late 50's, 60's and early 70's they were a dominate force on the Alky racing series not only as fierce competitors but Chuck and Lou were master engine Konig engine builders and Lou was a master at working props.

    He shared stories of the golden days of the sport, and I also had an opportunity to photograph a lot of old newspaper articles etc... I got the tour of the old Simon Marine workshop that is still intact in his basement, complete with the crankshaft press and all his measuring tools.

    As a kid growing up in the 60's I remember cheering on Chuck Simon at Valleyfield, Lachine and Laprairie races and met him on a number of occasions as my Dad and him were childhood friends. It was an afternoon of learning a lot more about my sport, and hearing stories you can only get from the special people who lived them... It was fun to hear the famous names of drivers that the Simon brothers built motors or props for during their career.
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    dad and I first met Chuck and Lou Simon at DePue in 1969. My Dad always made a point to get to know the top racers and he heard about the Simons just about as soon as we had parked our trailer. I do not really remember much of anything about Lou. Seems like he must have been quiet or maybe in the background . I do remember my Dad and Chuck talking a lot. We saw them at several races over the next couple of years and Chuck was always the one to beat. The only problem was he would win one heat by a long shot, then blow and engine while way out in front. He ran I think a 30 percent nitro blend. Chuck told us that you get a good boost at 10 percent, but you get no further benefit from added nitro until you get up to 30 percent. It is hard on the engines, but if you can get them to last two heats, you can win big.

    Sometime in the early 70's, I'm thinking 1971, Chuck and Lou were on the way to a race when a rock or something like that fell off a truck in front of the Simons. It bounced off the road and went through the diver's side windshield. It first struck Chuck on one of his hands, breaking it, then deflected off the steering wheel and struck him in the head. I don't remember what Chuck said happened after that, but he was out of racing for a long time. I don't think he raced after that, but I am not sure. He came to the races to watch and talk to his old friends, but I know I never raced against him anymore.

    I hope you will fill us in on more stories about the Simon's They were powerhouses in their day and it is good to hear stories about them.

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    Over the years of collecting Koings I have had a few of Chucks motors.They are polished inside and outside with their stamp on various parts. have quite a bunch of their stuff now.also some trick stuff l have only seen in his motors (pics. later)

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