Karl Williams: Part 6

I was at the Grove, Oklahoma boat races last Thursday - Sunday and was not able to email part 6.

Addendum concerning the Jones - O’Dea Red Head kit: After communicating with Dick O’Dea with questions on this kit he suggested I contact John Schubert as he actually ran a Merc with the kit. The kit did include a block, head and hardware to use on the KG4 and 20H engines so the tank could be mounted on the KG4 and ready pull starter could be used on both. Here is what John had to say about the Red Head:

Wow that was a long time ago. Yes, Dick did install one of his Red Head
blocks on my #2 20H powerhead. I believe that it was 1954. We did not run it
on alky just gas. Not sure that I raced it or just ran my standard 20H,
leaning towards using it, in a race at Carlstadt, NJ. Vic Scott in a
Jacoby/SR was out front heading to the first turn, I was on the outside
catching him with my Jacoby/Merc when I blew over backwards. Had to make a
hospital trip hurting my ankle but was OK.
I don't believe that the block was even approved then, but do recall it
getting approved then dis-approved. Commission was loaded with non Merc
people & they were worried, but Karl, I was just 15 then & considerably
older now.

Re- Vic Scott being the guy to beat at the time - Yes Vic was . He was in c
Camel cigarette ads won many races including some nationals & won the Albany to NYC marathon I believe twice. Very nice guy. We had several from NJOA. The Jacobys, Don Whitfield several time champ in M, Gibby Peterman won many races in A with a KR then in his later years with either a Yamato or Konig. Emil & Dotty Mayer, Eleanor & Henry Shakeshaft, George Andrews Sr. Dick O’Dea, John Covals who almost won the Albany to NYC marathon with a KG7H but they had a 30 minute head start. Dick McFayden M class & founder of the Aqua Meter speedometer & other gauges. And so many more including Charlie Strang.

We only ran the Red Head once & as I said yesterday on gas. It was about the same as my stock 20H, but remember Dick installed it then we raced it. No testing at all.

Grove, Oklahoma NBRA boat races June 13-14, 2020

This race will fit easily in the category amount the best organized boat races. Over 50,000 miles round trip was driven by participants for this race. The 2.2 million dollar facility built to accommodate a 500 boat Bass Masters Classic fishing tournament came with concrete lighted parking/pit area along with food vendors, car show, bands, fiddle contest, helicopter rides and fireworks made for a well rounded entertaining weekend. The race course and pits were great. A lot of work by both doctors Leonard and Rick Miller made this possible. The number of entries as posted today on HydroRacer.Net by Hydro doc was 140.

They accommodated classes they normally did not run like the “J” class for kids and antique C-Service and C Racing classes. Justin and Britni Gibson ran the PR’s in C Racing Hydro and this was the second time a man and wife ran together since Fred Mathews and his wife ran C-Service Runabout at the Tonawanda, N.Y. race (mid 50’s) where I was present. Britni's win and style of driving placed her at the top of the list for anyone requiring a driver. Busy weekend for Justin with 9 year old daughter Brie’s first race in “J” hydro and wife Britni’s first race in “C Racing Hydro.

Pits and race course photos for Grove, Oklahoma: